Two of the most popular weight loss systems at the moment are the Ketogenic Diet and the Nutrisystem Weight Loss Method. There is plenty of evidence that both of these protocols have helped people lose healthy weight, but which one is best? In this article, we compare Keto and Nutrisystem to help you decide which one is the real deal to help you to lose weight.

What is the Nutrisystem Program?

nutrisystem weight lossNutrisystem is a healthy weight loss program that requires users to enroll in a meal subscription service. For a monthly payment of around $300 (with a coupon), you will get pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals delivered directly to your doorstep. The food arrives frozen, so all you need to do is to heat and enjoy. The meals are portioned in six smaller, rather than the traditional three large feeding opportunities, with foods that are said to be far more balanced.

By providing all of your food, including prepared snacks, the Nutrisystem Program is designed to provide a fail-proof nutritional plan to lose weight – simply eat what you get when they tell you to eat it and you can’t go wrong!

The foods that you get has been prepared by nutritionists and chefs and, by all accounts, tastes very good. Each meal you get is designed to be high in protein, fiber and low-glycemic (smart) carbs. They are low in saturated fats and processed carbs.

The Nutrisystem method is popular to lose weight with people because it means that you don’t have to cook, get ingredients, count points or plan out how you are going to eat. You can lose pounds without the effort.

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What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Keto is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet.

keto diet beginnersThe goal of the ketogenic diet is to get your body to switch from a glucose burning energy system based on carbohydrates to a fat-based energy system based on consumed and stored body fat. This state where the body burns fat or energy is referred to as ketosis. As a result, the diet involves eating large amounts of fat to get you to lose pounds.

These include omega-3 fatty acids but also saturated fats. Keto is not a subscription enrolment method like Nutrisystem. You simply buy and prepare all of your own meals yourself. There are, however, some very good keto delivery services that will provide you with frozen meals for the same price or cheaper.

Which One Do the ‘Experts’ Prefer?

So-called nutrition experts rate the Nutrisystem above the Keto diet.

That is hardly a surprise. Diet experts tend to rate keto low in comparison to other diets because of its encouragement to consume saturated fats. In fact, a U.S. News list that ranked diets, placed keto as equal last, 39th equal. One diet expert said, ‘Keto is fundamentally at odds with everything we know about long term health.’

Here is how the diet experts compare Nutrisystem and Keto . . .

Best for short term weight loss – Nutrisystem

Dietitians love the increased meals and portion control of the Nutrisystem method. The more frequent meals will speed up your metabolism. The smaller meal sizes will also restrict calories.

Best for long term weight loss – Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is not intended to last forever. The goal is to have people follow it for six months or so and then wean themselves off it so they can prepare their own meals based on the Nutrisystem meals they have been getting over the previous months.

As a result, many people tend to put pounds back on within two years because their ‘normal’ eating pattern involves too many of the wrong sorts of foods.

Despite this, the diet experts still rate Nutrisystem over Keto in terms of long- term weight loss. They warn that eliminating carbs and eating high levels of fats is not a healthy long-term weight loss strategy.

The Problems with Nutrisystem

nutrisystem packageThe Nutrisystem Method is really nothing more than a meal delivery service that takes the guesswork out of what to eat. So long as you stick to it and eat nothing else, you will lose pounds. However, most people will end up eating more than the meals they are sent, which adds to their daily caloric total and throws the entire plan out of whack!

The other problem with the plan is that it is not sustainable for the long-term.

If you try to keep it up year after year, it will cost you an absolute fortune.

Most people stay with the plan for about six months. While the plan is for a person to then continue to prepare and eat meals that are the same, the reality is that the majority will tend to revert back to their old way of eating. As a result, they will begin to pile the weight back on.

The Nutrisystem plan also does not educate you about how to eat. It simply gives you your meals. As a result, you never learn how to prepare your meals.

In contrast, the keto diet is an entire lifestyle change. In fact, it is not really a diet at all.

The goal with keto is to introduce lifestyle habits that will stay with you forever.

You will learn to prepare and cook low-carb meals that encourage your body to switch from a glucose burning to a fat burning energy system.

The real world truth about these two options, then, is this . . .

The Nutrisystem Plan is quite beneficial for short term weight loss for busy people who do not have the time to prepare their own meals. However, for sustained long-term weight loss, the keto diet is definitely the best way to go.


Is the Nutrisystem Better in Comparison To Keto?

No, the Nutrisystem plan is not a better overall weight loss program than the ketogenic diet. Even though it will help you to lose some weight in the short term, it is not sustainable year after year. In contrast, the keto diet involves long term lifestyle changes to a low carb, high-fat diet.

What Is Nutrisystem And How Does It Work?

Nutrisystem is a subscription based program which involves signing up to receive all of your food by way of frozen pre-prepared meals. The meals are high protein, high fiber, medium low-glycemic carbs and low fat. Rather than the traditional three meals per day, you get five balanced meals per day with the Nutrisystem plan.

Does the Nutrisystem plan have low carb?

No, the Nutrisystem plan is not a low carb meal service.

How much does the Nutrisystem diet cost?

There are 3 plans available as follows:

  • Basic – starting at $8.10 per day.
  • Uniquely Yours – starting at $9.89 per day.
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate – starting at $11.68 per day.

You will receive a discount on your first order.


The Nutrisystem Plan is a popular weight loss system diet plan that will help you lose weight in the short term. From the moment you receive your first order, you no longer have to worry about preparing food. However, it is not sustainable in the long-term, being too pricey. For real, long-term loss of pounds and weight management, stick to keto.

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