The keto diet is undeniably the best route to fast weight loss the exists. There is also no denying, however, that it is also one of the hardest to implement. That is because we have all been brought up on high glycemic index carbs since we were children. Many of us have, in fact, developed a genuine sugar addiction. The bottom line is, that, when we make the switch to keto, we need all the help we can get.

Today, we focus in on how technology can help make the keto switch less painful. Specifically, we will be reviewing 5 of the most keto app diet planner fitness trackers. These tools are able to keep a pinpoint account of your macronutrients. Some apps actually allow you to scan your foods directly from the supermarket.

At A Glance

The 5 best keto diet apps on the market right now are:

  • Carb Manager Diet Tracker
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Senza Diet Tracking app
  • Keto Diet app
  • Total Keto Diet app

The best keto app is the Carb Manager Diet Tracker. This completely free app is specifically designed as a keto diet tracker. it will track your net carbs, fats, protein, track your weight loss and provide such specialized services as the ability to track ketones, blood glucose, insulin, diabetes carbs, intermittent fasting, glycemic load, and GKI.

MyFitnessPal, is not only the most popular fitness apps on the planet, it is also the most comprehensive. This app was the innovator in the industry. It provides you with a truly impressive million reference items. If that is not enough, you can also scan your grocery items directly into the app in order to get an immediate reading of the food’s nutritional profile.

Keto Overview

You probably already know the basics of keto. But, just in case you’re a low carb newbie, here is a basic overview.

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carb, medium protein protocol that is designed to rid your body of glucose (the broken down form of carbohydrate). By doing so, your body will switch from a glucose burning energy system to a fat- burning energy system.

This will result in your body burning stored body fat for energy along with using the fat from the foods that you eat to fuel your energy supplies and lose weight. Using fuel for energy will also provide your body and, very importantly, your brain, with the cleanest source of energy for the body that exists.

The goal when you are strictly following keto is to consume between 20 and 50 grams of carb per day. If you are intent on losing as much body fat as possible, you will want to put fewer than 20 grams of carbohydrate into your body every single day. Meanwhile, you should also be increasing your consumption of fats, both saturated or unsaturated.

Keto Diet Tracker Apps

From the above section, we can see that there are two key things that have to be tracked in order to find success on the keto diet:

  • Your carb intake
  • Your fat intake

Doing both of those things at the same time is not an easy accomplishment.

The right tracker can make your life on keto so much easier. Unless you can track your carb intake you will never be able to get into, let alone stay in, the state of ketosis.

So, it is hardly surprising that a lot of people on the ketogenic diet turn to tracking apps in order to help them to track their macro intake. Good diet apps will help you to stay on top of every aspect of your keto diet, including carbs, fats, and proteins, as well as your all-important fiber intake. They also make it easier to prepare your meals and provide shopping lists.

Most fitness and diet apps provide you with a basic as well as a premium version. The basic version is usually free while there is a cost for the premium version. These more advanced versions will usually include the following functionality . . .

  • body measurement input
  • additional fitness tracking charts
  • the ability to add notes
  • social media integration

Carb Manager Diet Tracker

The Carb Manager Low-Carb Diet Tracker app is a very popular keto-specific app that is packed with features to make your transition to keto as pain-free as possible. With more than one million foods, it claims to have the world’s most comprehensive and accurate database of foods featuring net carb counts, macros, and micronutrients. You also get access to 1,000+ exclusive low carb (LCHF) recipes from their test kitchen, over 10,000 user-submitted recipes, shopping lists, and 350,000+ web recipes.

This Low-Carb Diet Tracker app provides you with access to a personalized meal plan and shopping list based on your preferences and macros, or choose from one of their many curated meal plans for all diet types. More advanced features include the ability to track ketones, blood glucose, insulin, diabetes carbs, intermittent fasting, glycemic load, and GKI. This app also integrates with Fitbit, Garmin, and hundreds of other apps and devices via Apple Health and Google Fit.

One of the best things about this Low-Carb Diet Tracking app is that it is completely free of charge. It’s no wonder that this is the most popular ketogenic diet fitness tracker on the market today.

Go here to find out more about the Carb Manager Low-Carb Diet Tracker app.

Price: Free (in-app purchases available)


It seems that MyFitnessPal has been around forever.

That is because it is the oldest fitness app on the market. That has given it the advantage of being able to iron out the wrinkles over the years so that today we get the problem-free version. Newer apps are still working through that process.

MyFitnessPal has in excess of 150 million registered users. It is also the most well-known and popular diet and fitness app in the world. So, what can you do keto wise on this app?

MyFitnessPal will allow you to track your daily net carb count, protein and fats on the basis of your body measurements and your keto goals. You also have the ability to scan barcodes in order to track the nutritional profile of the food in question.

MyFitnessPal claim that their food data library contains in excess of 11 million items. That is extremely impressive in comparison to the other apps that are out there.

The interface on this app is very user-friendly and there are plenty of premium features. You are also able to connect MyFitnessPal to more than 50 other apps.

Here are the features on the Premium version of the app . . .

  • Daily Calorie Goal: Set a daily calorie goal to help you reach your goal weight.
  • Custom Carbs, Fat and Protein Goals: Choose the macronutrient goals that make the most sense for you. Log just the number of calories you ate when you’re short on time.
  • Nutrient Dashboard: Choose a view that best helps you achieve your personal goals.
  • Different Goals by Day: Set custom calorie and macronutrient goals for any day of the week.
  • Quick Add Carbs, Protein and Fat: Track grams of fat, protein and carbs in just seconds.
  • Carbs, Protein and Fat by Gram: Set macronutrient goals by either gram or percentage.
  •  Ad-Free: Focus on meeting your goals without distraction.
  • Priority Customer Support: Jump to the front of the line with priority customer support.
  • Exclusive Content: Articles and tips available only to our Premium subscribers.
  • Exercise Calorie Settings: Decide whether to increase daily goals when you exercise.
  • Meal Level Carbs, Protein and Fat: View macronutrients by gram or percentage in your diary.
  • Food Analysis: Learn which foods rank highest in the nutrients you care about.
  • File Export: Download CSV files of your progress, meal, and exercise data.

Price: Free Version / Premium Version: $50 per year

Worthy Mentions

Senza Diet Tracking App

The Senza Diet Tracking app is an app that makes extensive use of barcode scanning to track all of your nutritional information. You can also use it when you are out and about to get data on your restaurant foods. There are quite a few Keto specific features on this app. One highlight is the 5 days to Keto guide that helps you to get started the right way. On top of that, you will receive personal food recommendations based on your record of net carbs, fat and protein.

The Senza Diet Tracking app even provides a detailed breakdown of your micronutrients including mineral and vitamin content. You will get a reading of the insulin load of the foods you eat. You also get the opportunity to link with a certified nutritionist. The Senza Diet Tracking app integrates with Apple Health. However, the food database is nowhere near as extensive as Carb Manager Low-Carb Diet Tracking app or  MyFitnessPal.

Price: Free (in-app purchases available)

Keto Diet App

This is another app that is specifically designed for the keto diet. With this app you can track calorie counts and protein, carbohydrate and fat macros. The food database on the Keto Diet app is pretty extensive and growing all the time. You also get ready-made meal plans.

This one has been around for 7 years and, during that time, lots of keto friendly features have been added to it. There are now thousands of recipes on the app. There is a fee with this one but it is not that much ($8.99).

Price: $8.99

Total Keto Diet

Here is one more app that is specifically created for the keto diet crowd. It is a relatively new offering that has only been around for about a year, so the kinks may not be all ironed out yet. This one is undergoing constant updates, though the database currently sits in the thousands, rather than the millions as with our first two offerings. However, there are plenty of informative keto relate articles available on this app. The Total Keto Diet app provides you with a keto calculator. However, there is no scanning function on this app.

Price: Free


The best ketogenic diet app on the current market to help speed up your weight loss is the Carb Manager Low-Carb Diet Tracking app . Our second  favorite is the ever popular MyFitnessPal. Rounding out our top three keto diet app favorites is the Senza Diet Tracking app.

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