Famous Keto Review

famous keto review

When a new craze starts up, it doesn’t take long for the market to be crammed with products that seek to capitalize on all the hysteria. And while the Ketogenic Diet is far more than just another craze, there is no denying that this low carb high-fat way of eating has caught the public’s imagination like few that have come before it.

It’s no surprise, then, that a whole new industry has quickly sprung up around the Keto Diet that offers all manner of products and services to support the process – and take our hard-earned money. Many of them are downright dodgy while others will do nothing but lighten your bank account. Then there are the few that are actually worth your investment. I see it as my job to sort out the best from the rest so that you can enter the keto marketplace with confidence, knowing exactly what you should select.

Today, our focus is on a product called Famous Keto.

What is Famous Keto?

Famous Keto is a dietary supplement that comes in powdered form and is intended to be mixed with either water or a zero carb liquid. Its purpose is to help a person get into – and stay in – a state of ketosis faster. It is also meant to provide a stimulant-free energy boost for working and to counter the energy sapping effects of the keto flu.

famous keto revieFamous Keto is manufactured and marketed by a company called Bodygood Nutrition. They have been around for a number of years. Over that time they have built a reputation based on the quality of their products. There have been no recorded issues regarding Bodygood Nutrition, which is worth noting in an industry that is rife with scandal!

Bodygood Nutrition claims that Famous Keto will benefit ketogenic dieters in two key ways:

  • It will help people to get into a state of ketosis faster by adding exogenous ketones into the bloodstream
  • It will help a person who is on ketosis to stay in keto even if they slip up on their diet and eat too many carbs

These goals are achieved with the inclusion of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is a synthetic form of ketones that act just like the real thing. BHB’s reinforce your natural efforts to get into ketosis, helping you to burn fat faster for longer.

What Makes Famous Keto Unique?

Let’s face it – there are quite a few BHB based exogenous ketone powders on the market. So, what is it about Famous Keto that makes it stand out?

Firstly, Famous Keto includes a number of key antioxidants to help your system fight off the effects of oxidative stress. This will help a person to cope with the ill effects of the keto flu. Free radical damage to the cells of your body is enhanced during this time period. Famous Keto will also give you a potent defense against free radicals.

The next differentiating point between Famous Keto and many of its competitors is that it does not use caffeine to provide an energy boost. As you probably know, caffeine will boost your energy but then, if you have too much, it will deliver a crash that sees your energy levels dramatically flagging.

Famous Keto Ingredients

We appreciate the fact that BoodyGood Nutrition discloses all of the ingredients and their specific dosages on the product label. Here’s what you get:

  • BHBs – you get a combination of sodium, calcium, and magnesium BHBs. This will provide you with a surge of exogenous ketones that will support your own low carb, high-fat efforts to get into ketosis.
  • Keto Antioxidant Complex – BodyGood has combined turmeric and green tea extract. This synergistic blend provides you with a high dosage of antioxidants. The green tea extract used here is decaffeinated to prevent any post energy crashes.

The combination of BHBs and antioxidants will make life a lot easier for people who are in the induction phase of the keto diet, countering the effects of keto flu.

How to Take Famous Keto

Famous Keto comes in powdered form. It can be mixed with any non-carbonated liquid. However, you will need to ensure that the liquid is zero carb or you will defeat the purpose of taking it.

Place one level scoop of Famous Keto in a glass of water or other liquid and mix it thoroughly.

If you are working out, take Famous Keto twenty minutes before going for your workout. This will provide the ideal timeline for the energy-enhancing effects of the product to kick in. On non-exercise days take Famous Keto first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. DO NOT take this product before bed as the enhanced energy may inhibit your ability to get to sleep.

Famous Keto Side Effects

There are no specific side effects that are specific to Famous Keto, provided that you do not exceed the stated dosage. Those side effects that you may experience, are those common to the ketogenic lifestyle in general. These mainly occur in the initial transition phase, during which your body is switching over from a glucose burning to a fat-burning energy system. They include:

  • Lack of energy
  • Flu-like symptoms (the dreaded ‘keto flu’)
  • More trips to the bathroom (ketones are released through urination)
  • Reduced appetite
  • Inability to sleep

Famous Keto will actually help to counter many of the side effects of the keto diet. Because there is no caffeine in the product, you will not get n energy crash but rather a sustained natural surge of energy.

How Effective is Famous Keto?

So, does Keto Famous actually work?

The undeniable answer is yes. Famous Keto will provide your body with a clean source of exogenous ketones. This enhances the body’s ability to burn stored body fat for energy. At the same time, the product provides a natural energy boost to promote working out. We have seen these benefits personally, with workouts markedly more intense after supplementing with Famous Keto.

The antioxidant effects of Famous Keto are also significant. Many people have reported a lessening of keto flu effects during the induction phase of their keto journey.

There are 38 customer reviews for Famous Keto on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars. The general consensus is that Famous Keto is a great tasting, easy to mix and effective supplement to the keto diet. Many mentioned that it was an effective pre-workout energy booster.

The energy-enhancing effects of Famous Keto will kick in after your first dose. However, it will take up to a week for the enhanced fat-burning properties of this supplement to take effect.

Where to Buy Famous Keto?

We strongly recommend purchasing Famous Keto directly from the manufacturer’s website or from Amazon. As we have already inferred, the keto diet supplement industry contains some unscrupulous operators. Going direct to the source is always the best option.

Final Word

famous keto revieFamous Keto is the real deal. It delivers a on-two punch of extra ketones and antioxidants to deliver faster fat burning, improved energy and free radical protection. The price is reasonable and the taste pleasing. We recommend Famous Keto to anyone who is serious about getting into keto and staying there. Just keep in kind that you will need to be following a low carb/high-fat diet for this product to benefit you.

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